Art + Integrity.

Artegrity Murals is an amalgamation of many things:  Faith, determination, healing, hope, amazing successes mixed with humbling mistakes; and just plain old-fashioned hard work.

I’ve learned that much suffering can be avoided by simply eliminating ignorance. Effective communication is a solution. That’s why I’m an open book for anyone who sincerely wants to know me as a person, or hire me as an artist. There’s no difference.

If I were to write an artist’s autobiography, within would contain many regretful errors based in anything but art; or integrity, for that matter. More importantly, however, it would contain an equal number of repentant error-corrections. As artists, if we’re wise, we continuously learn, grow, improve …and forgive. I can honestly say that I’m one of the fortunate to have learned much from my mistakes; but not without regret and not without guidance. Also contained within this manuscript, would be a brief summary of how life, like art, is a balancing act of light and dark; sometimes the landscape can be totally overrun by shadows. Sometimes the light is subtle and the shadows fade into grey. However, when the cast shadows are at their darkest, the light that shines is at its brightest.

Light always prevails.

My favorite and most successful projects involve those which require me to conceptualize and use my creative and critical thinking skills to the fullest. My style is rather versatile, however I’ve come to realize that my love for children’s story book illustration is clearly indicated in many of my more independent projects.

Nature is one preferred theme for me. I’m skilled with; and appreciate the traditional, more subtle methods of recreating landscapes and other subjects. However, I find myself looking at the world with childlike eyes of wonder and seeing life bolder and brighter than I used to; and this translates into my work. I call it Super-Nature. I like to share this super-natural wonder with others.

I started drawing at a very early age… one of my best abstract pieces was done in Kindergarten! As a child, I spent countless hours drawing people, animals, and fantasy characters from mythological stories. I also enjoyed painting landscapes along with Bob Ross on PBS. Unfortunately, art wasn’t very revered in my little microcosm, and the pursuit of art; especially as a profession, was boldly discouraged. I pursued art, but with rather bleak half-heartedness. It wasn’t until much later in life, that I started realizing the true importance of art. I now realize the crucial importance of edifying the creative endeavors that feed the soul; in oneself and in others. The toughest and most important lesson that I have learned (and am still learning), is to not allow the discouraging opinions of others stop you from creating art.

Although I’ve worked as an independent arts professional for over 20 years, I’ve diverged from this path on many occasions, to pursue other interests. I’ve worked as a fitness and yoga instructor, herbal and nutrition specialist, and even received certification as a motorcycle mechanic. Though I’ve had diversions in my life, art has been the constant undercurrent. I believe those diversions now add something valuable to my work. I learned that creating art is not a job, but a calling. It’s an integral part of who I am.

Art can be a joyful, expressive, illuminating gift that gives the artist a chance to be ethical and conscious. My ultimate mission as an artist is to serve others by sharing my creative gifts.

Art can help. Art can make folks happy. Art can even heal.

I’ve worked successfully as a muralist, live event artist, chalk artist, illustrator, scenic artist, graphic artist, photographer and costume designer.  Most of my skills are self taught, some have been refined through schooling and disciplined practice…but none exist without God, my friends and my beloved family.

At Your Service,