Each mural tells a story, and the making of each mural is a story all to itself. I listen intently to what my clients say, so that I’m able to visually tell the most specialized and accurate stories for each and every client. 
I’ve had the privilege of working with and meeting many wonderful people.  My work can be seen in residential, commercial and public spaces.

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photo courtesy of Sarasota Chalk Festival

“Dianne is absolutely AMAZING! I gave her a theme, concept and she blew me away with her vision. The mural is a complete show stopper! She’s amazing and her gift is beyond words! I highly recommend her!!”

Carlena E., Norcross GA

“We hired Dianne to paint a mural for our fitness studio, Vibe Ride. Dianne was able to take our logo, make it 3D, add her own creative interpretation, incorporate our ideas and the end result is a visual masterpiece that was done quickly and expertly. She was great to work with and very focused and professional. We get compliments on the mural and she exceeded our expectations. Dianne also drew our logo and tagline in chalk on our studio wall. I would request her services again and highly recommend her.”

Courtney Anderson, Vibe Ride Fitness Studio, Atlanta GA

“After interviewing several artists, we contracted with Dianne Renee to provide some chalk artwork for our retail locations.  We had a general idea that we wanted to incorporate something unusual and eye-catching to complement our stores but needed professional advice and execution.  In short, we are absolutely thrilled with the results we received from Dianne.  She consulted with us to determine what we were looking for and then suggested some creative improvements to our original plan.  When we had settled on the artwork we wanted, Dianne diligently worked to bring the concepts to life.  She completed the work in two of our stores on time and on budget.  Best of all the artwork has been a wonderful conversation starter with our clients and a definite boon to resulting sales.  I would not hesitate to ask Dianne to utilize her talents when we have a future opportunity to employ her.  If you have any questions you may feel free to contact me.”

Phil Verstraete, President, Premier Fitness Source, Atlanta GA

“Dianne is truly amazing. Her ability to bring ideas to life can feel surreal at times.

I hired her to create the menu board for our restaurant, The Urban Moo, and she blew me away. She did things with chalk that I didn’t even know was possible. She’s truly one of those people who you make sure you keep in touch with and spread the word of just how talented she is! This woman can truly do ANYTHING!!!!!”

Temeka A., Restaurant Owner. Conyers Georgia

 “Dianne Renee’s work is authentic and she has great vision. I would not hesitate to hire her again. Great experience. “

Demarcos D., Principal, Atlanta School District

 “Diannes work is not only a beautiful blend of creativity and sheer skill, but also a prime example of passionate art and true love for ones craft. Dianne not only worked professionally but also efficiently completing our 12 x 7 foot mural in a quick three days! She gracefully took on our ideas and amalgamated them with her own. She had a pleasant attitude throughout her work and worked easily with the other contractors. Diannes will to be flexible with pricing and with times also made her a joy to work with. If you are in need of any mural, or art in general for that matter, Diannes passion and commitment guarantees a beautiful piece of work will result.”

Jack Haidet COO of Takorea & New Food Group

“My wife and I hired Dianne to paint a mural on the inside of our back yard fence. The challenge was that we weren’t really sure what we wanted, so we emailed Dianne several photos and images of general themes. Most people would have balked at the lack of specifics, but Dianne embraced the challenge and allowed her creativity and imagination to be expressed through her “masterpiece.”

Yes, it is a masterpiece because it is unique, it tells several stories, it captures the fabric of our personalities and life experiences. We find ourselves staring at the masterpiece for several minutes at a time. We’re absolutely blown away by her talent and work ethic. If you have a vision, a dream or a concept give Dianne the opportunity to give color and life to it. You won’t regret it!!!”

Wally Walkup, President, Northside Building Services, Inc.  Acworth, GA

 “Dianne painted a mural at Emory University for Dooley’s Week 2014 and it was absolutely stunning! Her creativity and passion really lit up our campus. The mural featured characters from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory as well as Emory’s unofficial mascot, Dooley. It looked so great, and she added a new positive vibe to our campus. I highly recommend her!”

“I cannot give Dianne a high enough recommendation! Besides for her incredible work, she was extremely professional. She took our ideas and brought them to life. I will definitely hire her again!”

“It was amazing! She created a masterpiece of work in 3 days. It was perfect! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a muralist.”

“Dianne did a FANTASTIC job with the mural at Emory University’s Dooley’s Week this past week. She worked diligently for hours on end in order to complete her work of art. The finished product was incredibly lifelike and a wonderful addition to our campus spirit week. Dianne is such a talented individual and I can’t wait to see more of her work in the future!”

Mike R., Jill C., Austin F., and Rabia M., Emory University, GA

 “We used Dianne to create murals with chalk on the walls in our retail location. We gave her free reign to design fitness drawings and slogans and she completely exceeded our expectations. The walls look amazing and our customers comment on the intricate detail of her work all the time. Not only was she talented, prompt, and professional, she is just a lovely person to work with. We would recommend Dianne to anyone looking for quality art work.”

Kimber V, Premier Fitness Source, Alpharetta GA

 “Dianne Renee was great to work with. She came prepared and put a lot of thought into the project.

Beautiful results and just what I envisioned!”

 “We wanted a mermaid mural in our pool, I liked Dianne’s style. This was a first for her and she far exceeded our expectations! Our mermaid is classy and sexy. Excellent and professional. Thanks Dianne!”

Gina W. Douglasville, GA