I was hired as a performance artist for a large church organization to provide an entertainment experience for their members and guests. When I was planning the subject, I asked them about the theme of the weekend. This is what I was told:

“More important than the theme is the unusualness of the experience. We want the people to remember it. We bring in Woodcarvers, potter, people on stilts, so I love the bold colors. I don’t want to limit you so if you see something you know you can do well please tell. I prefer crazy ideas rather than sticking to the theme.”

I told them I wanted to do two angels in two different ethnicities, but may only have time to do one. My idea was to promote unity and diversity. I wanted one angel to be extending a hand outward so that viewers can have their picture taken above the outstretched hand, as if they were being held by the angel. Hence, an interactive piece. 

They loved the idea. When I arrived to prep the surface, I discovered the dimensions of the squares were four feet larger than what I was quoted. I was told they were six feet square, but they were ten feet square instead.

No Problem, I love challenges! πŸ™‚

But, this required a little time to reconfigure. Since this was more of a performance piece, and a completely finished product was not expected; AND going on the “Wow Factor” premise, I decided to utilize the very large performance space and create a piece within and extending outside four, ten feet squares (a 20 foot chalk square). Wow indeed!  The client was happy to accommodate, which was wonderful!  

I only had two days to chalk this, so I focused on one angel, instead of two. Since the client requested something out of the ordinary, I chose to create an African Angel. I focused on facial features and hands first. I was able to only lightly sketch the wings…Ah…if I only had ONE more day! πŸ™‚

My African Angel (which looks like Nina Simone…I think…), ended up measuring 30 feet square total with her outstretched arms. A pretty gigantic angel! One arm was outstretched so that she was able to hold people in her hand as she gazed at them.  The other arm outstretched the opposite direction (representing an open heart), as she held the church’s logo (a globe). 

This was probably the most physically challenging pieces that I’ve done, but absolutely one of the most rewarding. I met so many beautiful people who absolutely loved the piece and many people took pictures of their children sitting in her hand. I loved the experience!

I can’t wait for my next chalk adventure!