Hospital Mural Project 2017

The following five groups of pictures represent a large mural project for an inpatient behavioral hospital. The entire project includes four separate inpatient units including the patient assessment intake unit.

Each unit was designed separately, with the specific corresponding patients needs and demographic in mind; however all were designed to coordinate with each other. Each unit is designed to incorporate at least one interactive therapy chalkboard

A little press story (edited from the hospital’s newsletter) on this project: (click link below)

Hospital Murals Press

Patient Intake Unit and Outpatient Therapy Chalkboard


Theme:  From Sea to Sky

I wanted the viewer to be able to follow a story line as they walked through the entire unit. As you first enter the unit and look to the right, the murals begin with under the sea ocean scenes.

The murals gradually move “upward”; from sea to beach, from beach to field, from field to forest, from forest to foothills, from foothills to mountains, from mountains to sunny skies, and finally, from sunny skies to outer space.

The unit was designed so that the mountains reside in the group therapy room.


Theme:  The Four Seasons (Still Under Construction)

The design intent for this unit was for it to be friendly to a more mature audience, yet be bright and upbeat; with a leaning towards impressionistic stylization. I chose the theme of the four seasons for its easily recognized and universal appeal. The unit is designed so that as a patient walked through it, the seasons change from one into another.

As you enter the unit, you’re greeted with springtime (still under construction):

Springtime hospital mural






As you move down the long bedroom corridor, the season changes to summer:

Summer turns to fall:

Fall goes into winter; encompassing the group room:

Winter turns back into spring along the second, short corridor:

Unit Three, ACUTE UNIT

Theme:  Color Spectrum

The design intent for this particular unit was to provide a walking color therapy tour through the visible color spectrum. With less blatant or overt imagery, the viewer is able to focus on the variances of colors and recognize how it effects their mood. It also gives the viewer an opportunity to creatively and uniquely visualize an environment or atmosphere to their choosing. The entire unit represents the rainbow; with more emphasis on the shades of blue and green; less on red and orange.

Since focus was on color, I utilized mild, uniform textural brushstrokes throughout the unit and contained the color within simple, yet organic, flowing shapes.

As you enter the unit, you are greeted with purple, which flows down the long bedroom corridor into blues, then greens. The group room is kept simple with one large wall covered in clouds and a green ribbon encircles the room with the Serenity Prayer written on the ribbon.


Since this unit is the least populated, I chose to keep the imagery random. This unit, when populated, serves primarily those suffering from chronic depression, so I chose very bright nature scenes, mixed with inspirational and uplifting quotes.