Public Art and Promotional Events

Public Art has a very special place in my heart. Creating Murals in front of thousands of spectators is very much performance art as much as it is visual. I have considerable experience “performing” art in front of, as well as interacting with, thousands of people.

I’ve been featured as an artist in public events including:  Sarasota Chalk Festival, Marietta Chalk Festival, Denver Chalk Festival, St. Augustine Chalk Festival, Suwanee Chalk Festival and Live Life Outdoors Festival.

Sarasota Chalk Festival 2014 and 2015

Themes: “Eat Drink and Be Merry” and “Endangered Species”

Titles of Works: “Poached Hunter” and “Bees, Books and Believers” (honoring John Muir).

Marietta Chalk Festival 2015

Theme of Festival: “Patriotism”. Title of work, “Native Patriot”.

I chose to honor the Native Americans who’ve served in the U.S. armed forces with this work.

Various Festivals and Promotional Events